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Start of Something New || Audrey & Percy

"You should have brought a change of clothes," Mandy commented for about the third time now as she watched her friend fix her hair in the bathroom mirror. Audrey rolled her eyes, but a small smile formed while she did so. She was dressed fine. A light, cream sweater with dark fitted jeans and a burgundy red leather jacket. "I told you before, Mandy…" She pulled out a light lipgloss from her bag and quickly spread it across her lips before glancing to her right at her mate. "It’s not a date," she said, then turned back to the mirror and pressed her lips together to make sure it covered, "It’s only coffee." Mandy sighed, but it came out as more of a frustrated groan. "But you don’t even like coffee," she said, jumping down from the counter she sat on. "Why would you say yes to the guy when you don’t even like what he’s offering?" It was Audrey’s turn to sigh. Dropping her lipgloss back into her bag, she asked herself just that. Why had she said yes? Yesterday, she thought she had a reason, but now she wasn’t sure if she had read the situation correctly… Shaking her head, she gave Mandy a vague answer, "I’m sure the place has other drinks…." "My," Mandy said from beside her now, using her little nickname she had conjured up for her. Audrey looked at Mandy’s reflection through the mirror. "That’s not what I meant, and you know it." Audrey pursed her lips looked down as she played her sleeve. "I don’t know what you want to hear…." "What I want to hear is that you actually found a guy who isn’t on death’s row, not bleeding, who’s alive and asked you out on a date, and you’re truly putting yourself out there instead of pilling yourself up with work!" Mandy exclaimed. In truth, Mandy wasn’t exactly engaged with a man either, and Audrey could have easily argued a case with that alone, but choose to make an excuse instead as she pointed out matter-of-factly, "Technically, he was bleeding yesterday—” “My,” Mandy cut her off, but her tone was much softer now as she gently placed her hand on her shoulder, “You can’t remain alone forever.” Obviously, she could, but Mandy didn’t want the same fate that she held to become her young friend’s as well. Audrey sighed and looked at her before saying simply, but there was a hint of sadness, “Sometimes it’s better to be alone.” Mandy’s expression became defeated, knowing there was no point in arguing, but she opened her mouth to say something else anyways. “You—” Audrey interrupted her this time. “He’s going to be here any second,” she said, smoothing down her top and fixing her jacket before grabbing her purse, and as they headed toward the door, she added with raised eyebrows, “And aren’t you on duty as of now?” “And that’s code for, what? Go away?” asked Mandy. A small smirk started playing on her lips. “If you think I’m going to miss this, guess again.” Audrey merely rolled her eyes at her friend before exiting the bathroom.

The two girls made their way down the stairs to the main level and towards the front of the building. But when the waiting room came into sight, Audrey caught glance of him and her heart sped up. The reaction caught her completely off guard and she wasn’t sure what caused it. Was it that she was seeing him outside of work, or was it Mandy’s presence,  making it feel like it was more than just a cup of coffee? Audrey breathed in a deep breath, telling herself she was being silly. But it was like she lost all her confidence, now that she was out no longer Healer Meadows and just Audrey. The mask had come off and she felt exposed.

Mandy, thankfully, stopped at the corner of the hallway (but, of course, still provided her with everything she needed to see) as Audrey continued on. Only she called out for her to have fun, and it was loud enough that Audrey shut her eyes and cringe slightly as she heard Jim chuckle behind her. Merlin, she would never hear the end of this. But still she continued toward the expectant man, all the same. Once she reached her destination, by his side, she greeted him with a polite smile, and made no mention of her nosy friends. ”Hi,” she said, then something dawned on her, that she might be late. “You weren’t waiting here long, I hope..right?” She bit her lip, and pushed back her sleeves, checking her watch.

#((Yes. I stole the title from HSM xD not even sorry.)) #((omg. I love Mandy so much. I even have a fc for her. xD)) #Start of Something New #askpercyignatiusweasley #((whoa. it's really long. omg. xD))

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